Commit 95b70bc9 authored by Francois Hendriks's avatar Francois Hendriks
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Deactivate html5

parent dfbaf771
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ angular
.state('Concours_ecoles', {
url: '/Concours',
templateUrl: '/templates/Concours_ecoles/Concours_ecoles.html',
controllers: ['ConcoursCtrl', 'DeroulementCtrl', 'CoeffficientCtrl', 'AnimateCtrl'],
controllers: 'AnimateCtrl',
.state('Concours_ecoles.deroulement', {
url: '/deroulement',
.controller('AnimateCtrl', function($rootScope, $window) {
.controller('AnimateCtrl', function($rootScope) {
$rootScope.ConcoursCollapsed = true;
$rootScope.Vie_en_ecoleCollapsed = true;
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