Commit acddbd17 authored by Dave Niewinski's avatar Dave Niewinski
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Made multimaster not come up by default in husky_control

parent e58246de
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
<arg name="kinect_enabled" default="$(optenv HUSKY_KINECT_ENABLED false)"/>
<arg name="urdf_extras" default="$(optenv HUSKY_URDF_EXTRAS)"/>
<include file="$(find multimaster_launch)/launch/multimaster_robot.launch">
<include file="$(find multimaster_launch)/launch/multimaster_robot.launch" if="$(arg multimaster)">
<arg name="gazebo_interface" value="$(find husky_control)/config/gazebo_interface.yaml" />
<arg name="public_interface" value="$(find husky_control)/config/public_interface.yaml" />
<arg name="robot_namespace" value="$(arg robot_namespace)"/>
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