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......@@ -75,10 +75,6 @@ Exercises
### Setup
To setup your own solver, first copy the `` file and rename it
with your name, for instance ``.
You will then add your algorithm(s) into this executable.
Two example algorithms are provided: a `random` search
and a `greedy` search.
Several useful stopping criterions are provided.
......@@ -87,6 +83,14 @@ for both numeric and bitstring encodings.
The `` file shows how to assemble either a numeric greedy solver
or a bitstring greedy solver.
To setup your own solver, add your algorithm(s) into the `` module,
then assemble its instance under its name into ``.
For instance, if you created the `annealing` algorithm,
you will be able to immediatly assemble `num_annealing` and `bit_annealing`.
One should be able to call your solvers with `python3 --solver num_annealing`,
for instance.
### List of exercises
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