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......@@ -414,6 +414,16 @@ All the parameters for `` are defined in the file `cli_utils.ply
7. Ground truth creation
* `--eth3d_splat_radius` : Splat radius for occlusion mesh boundaries, radius of area (in meters) which will be defined as invalid because of occlusion uncertainty, see `splat_radius` option for ETH3D. Thumb rule here is that it should be around your point cloud precision. (default 0.01, i.e. 1cm)
**Tip** : As a lot of information qill go through your terminal, you can use `-vv` and `--log out.log` in order to have two terminals with different verbose levels.
- 1st terminal : `main_pipeline` script, with `-vv` and `--log out.log` selected
- 2nd terminal : `tail -f out.log`
First terminal will log information about the general workflow without details
Second terminal will log information given by COLMAP and other commands (much more verbose)
This will help you to have information about e.g. what video the script is working on, and also what is being currently done by COLMAP.
### Manual step by step
This will essentially do the same thing as the script, in order to let you change some steps at will.
......@@ -1160,6 +1170,12 @@ We have 65k frames in total.
### Main Pipeline script
Command used (Input, Workspace, Output and exectuables are omitted, `--system` used is the same as the one used by professional surveyors (epsg:2154))
```python --total_frames 1000 --SOR 10 5 --max_num_matches 25000 --multiple_models --registration_method interactive --mesh_resolution 0.1 --splat_threshold 0.05 --lowfps 1 --save_space --splats --gt_images --match_method exhaustive -vv --log out.log```
### Optimal video sampling
The first image shows the video localisation with each other according to anafi metadata. (made with COLMAP gui)
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