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Testing a new job for CI

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......@@ -30,3 +30,32 @@ jobs:
run: |
cd ~/catkin_ws/src
catkin build ping360_sonar --catkin-make-args roslint
runs-on: ubuntu-16.04
container: ros:kinetic-ros-base
- uses: actions/checkout@v1
- name: Install catkin & package dependencies
run: |
cd / && ./ros_entrypoint.sh
apt-get update
apt-get install -y python-pip
apt-get install -y ros-kinetic-catkin python-catkin-tools
apt-get install -y ros-kinetic-cv-bridge
apt-get install -y ros-kinetic-roslint
pip install bluerobotics-ping
- name: Setup catkin workspace
run: |
mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws/src
cd ~/catkin_ws
/bin/bash -c "source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash && catkin build"
- name: Build package
run: |
cd ~/catkin_ws/src
/bin/bash -c "source ../devel/setup.bash && catkin build"
- name: Lint
run: |
cd ~/catkin_ws/src
catkin build ping360_sonar --catkin-make-args roslint
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